A new Honeystone website built with TypedCMS and Laravel

Seven years after building the last Honeystone website we have finally completed and launched its successor

Finding time to build your own website when you are in the web design business is harder than it might appear as the needs of customers and their projects inevitably take priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not afford us the time to rebuild our website as we were busy helping our customers evolve their business models and online processes, and prepare for challenges and opportunities in the post COVID economy. Clients who were on the front-line during the crisis such as the Wiltshire and Swindon LRF required additional support and fast response times which we were pleased to be able to deliver.

So what changed and how have we now been able to fit in building a new website for ourselves?

Introducing TypedCMS

The Big Bang change in our business has quite simply been the full blown adoption of the TypedCMS content management system as our preferred back-end solution.

We started piloting TypedCMS back in 2019. Since then it has grown into an incredible platform, allowing us a foray into the world of Jamstack and decoupled CMS solutions. The huge productivity gains this has afforded us, and our customers,  gave us the breakthrough we needed.

Being able to build the highly custom and interdependent content types of projects, case studies, testimonials and portfolios for example, means we can showcase new projects in a way which clearly demonstrates how each technology, design and content decision positively impact our customers businesses.

Show me, don't tell me

There are only so many ways to say you are a wonderful website company.  Potential customers however, want to you to demonstrate  how each aspect of your agency’s approach can help them improve their business and grow their bottom line.

At Honeystone we are firm believers in the ethos of “show me, don’t tell me”. The new site is designed and build from the ground up around its portfolio which is guided in every way by this principal.

The Honeystone website is built with Laravel and TypedCMS which together provide, flexibility, ease for use, business value and longevity.

New possibilities

We always are of course happy to demonstrate how these might open up digital strategies and possibilities you may have previously dismissed as too expensive or difficult to implement.

Please get in touch is this is the case as we would to explore how we might help you reach your goals.

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David Foster

David Foster

Director and Co-Founder of Honeystone and TypedCMS.

Passionate about helping businesses raise their game with better content tools.

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