Maximising visitors at your networking event

Participating in local network groups
Published July 31st, 2017

Honeystone has always enjoyed participating in local network groups and in this article written for BOB Devizes we look at strategies for maximising the number visitors attending meetings.

10 ways to invite a visitor to your networking group

1. Invite someone to come along and help fill a vacant category - Consider inviting someone from outside your group who knows someone in a vacant category (e.g. plumber) and ask them both to come along.

2. Invite someone to listen to the main (e.g. 10 minute)  speaker for that meeting  - if the main speaker from your group is...

Exercise Manhattan - Observing Wiltshire and Swindon Resilience Forum

Local Resilience Forum undertaking an exercise
Published October 27th, 2016

On Friday 7th October 2016, Sam and David from Honeystone were proud to observe the Local Resilience Forum undertaking an exercise aimed at agencies being prepared to respond to a major incident or emergency. 

Local Fire, Police, Ambulance and other agencies attended MOD Corsham so that plans could be tested together in a multi-agency environment in response to a major incident at the site. T...

South West Stint

South West Stint cars pictured at Cheddar Gorge by night
Published September 9th, 2016

Honeystone is proud to have sponsored the South West Stint which helped raise around £4,000 for two great causes - the Will Cross fund and the RNLI.

The South West Stint team comprised four main challenge cars and a support car.  Each of the four challenge cars (Tom, Joe, Sam and George + Sophie) was driven by one person only, and the support car by two people (Milly and Katie). The team successfully completed a gruelling trip around the south west of England in four days calling at over 50 destinations....

Using storytelling to build websites

Using storytelling to build websites
Published July 28th, 2016

Storytelling predates writing and has traditionally been used to entertain, educate, preserve culture and reinforce moral values. The key elements storytelling includes plot, characters and narrative point of view and all good stories include someone overcoming a problem or defeating a foe.

In modern times storytelling has been adapted as a means of advertising good and services for sale and this has evolved considerably as online medium have started to dominate.

In web design and software development, user stories are increasingly used to capture the requirements of...

Training and education – acting globally and locally

Global Village
Published March 9th, 2016

In an industry fuelled by innovation and learning it would be all too easy to sit back enjoy the benefits of the education system without investing the time to offer direction, input and resources.

At Honeystone we embrace change as part of our culture and understand that new ideas, new techniques and new employees all require best in class infrastructure to incubate. This infrastructure of course has to be functioning long before these resources can contribute to our product development or production cycles.

We have a broad strategy for engaging with the education system...

Making for happy customers and developers with new front end practices

Making for happy customers and developers with new front end practices - main image. Front end technology logos - bower, gulp, less, npm, laravel, composer, coffee cup and development machine showing code.
Published February 29th, 2016

With a steaming mug of freshly ground filter coffee on my desk, its refreshing to sit back, reflect on a particularly productive week, and enjoy this free time to dedicate to finally writing another blog post!

Its been such a long time, your probably wondering what have we been up to?! Well its certainly fair to say that we have been incredibly busy at Honeystone, with all departments working hard to achieve goals and work towards future aspirations. We are more refined and better than we have ever been – its been a great start to the year and I am looking forward to carrying this...

Why green hosting makes good business sense

Published February 10th, 2015

Honeystone took the decision to use renewable energy-powered data centres in Iceland in early 2014 and began the transition within a couple of months. We chose Iceland as the location for our infrastructure because a lot of investment was being made in clean energy data centres and some big names like BMW were already moving some of their design simulation computing to Icelandic data centres like UK headquartered Verne Global. Data centres in Iceland are built well away from volcanic activity and have secure low cost clean energy available 24/7.

Reducing carbon emissions



What combining Gitflow and Phabricator means to Honeystone

A git logo, a representation of the gitflow workflow and an illusion of pair programming
Published February 4th, 2015

At Honeystone we all have a very strong work ethic, and jointly, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our processes. Our prevailing goals, in-keeping with the new year spirit, are to increase productivity whilst, importantly, ensuring we continue to produce impeccable websites, if the quality isn't there, there’s really no point – we are only interested in developing top-notch stuff!

Recently we have introduced several new work practices that 'dev team A' have been trialling extensively as part of the development of the new Honeystone website, and the results have...

How to write effective web content

An image of a computer screen showing the word 'content', surrounded by 6 circle icons with the text. Is it clear, compelling correct, complete,current who cares? by each one.
Published February 3rd, 2015

If you have decided to write your own content for your website and don’t know where to start or have some existing content and want to improve it this article is for you.

Let’s start with some good news. You really don’t have to be a great creative writer to develop effective basic web content if you follow a few basic rules and apply a few simple tools and techniques.

Bespoke website design

A tablet, computer and phone are shown with confetti surrounding them and brightly coloured square shapes inside the screens represent a website .
Published February 3rd, 2015

Welcome to the new Honeystone website! My name is Elodie, I'm also a recent addition to Honeystone as a UI/UX Apprentice, where one of the first projects I contributed towards, was Honeystone's very own website rejuvenation. Now the website is live, I will be writing why bespoke web design is engaging and creative whilst highlighting some of the most interesting bespoke qualities of

As a web design company we really have indulged ourselves, and have created a virtual tailor-made suit that fits us perfectly. We designed in-house (of course), from top...