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a web design and software development studio based in Wiltshire


From branding and print design, right up to full stack software development


  • UI / UX

    We focus on usability and accessibility.

  • Brand Identity

    Your brand embodies your passion.

  • Responsive

    Responsive design can adjust & adapt to any device.

  • Print

    Years of experience creating traditional print campaigns.


  • Front End

    W3C standards compliant HTML and CSS.

  • Back End

    Server-side apps including CMS & eCommerce solutions.

  • QA

    Quality is assured with our mammoth QA checklist.

  • Testing

    Project stability ensured with test driven development.


  • Digital

    Explore ways your business can be heard.

  • Traditional

    Consistent brand experience across touch points.

  • Social

    Drive traffic with a well-managed social media presence.

  • Search

    Organic Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Who are we?

We are a small team of dedicated software developers, designers, UI/UX researchers, and much more. Honeystone’s mission is clear – deliver better websites to help build better businesses.

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Creating content to get you noticed

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