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“ We had been looking to upgrade our very bad existing website for some time. I had an idea of what I wanted and spoken to other web developers but none really understood what my vision was. We came to Honeystone and they helped us achieve our vision. Not only did they provide is with a website, they provided is with a new name and guided is through the whole re-branding exercise and even came with us to our customers and took amazing photos for our shiny new website. They helped us navigate our first tentative steps into the social marketing arena with a great looking Facebook page for our newly branded business. After a few hours of training we now maintain our own content on our webpage and find this easy and flexible. We also like the constant upgrades to the website platform so our website gets better and better while becoming easier to maintain. ”

Updated 20th of July, 2021

“ We commissioned Honeystone to provide us with a website as we had a specific vision and were unable to find anyone else who could provide us with what we envisioned.

The last year, with the Covid pandemic affecting the world and most businesses, was a particularly worrying time for us as most of our clients had their usual businesses closed down because they are in the hospitality and retail arena.

Surprisingly, for us, even though many of our clients and prospective clients were closed we were still receiving inbound inquiries. Many from new prospects.

On asking how they found us it was unanimously “on your website”. I am very happy we invested in a great website as it has paid for itself many times over, during what has been possibly the most difficult time to obtain new business. Thank you David and your team. ”

Gwyn Russell

United EPoS


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