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“ Since our introduction to you, we have both been consistently impressed by the high level of service which you and everybody at Honeystone have provided. Beginning with the first exploratory visit, we have always felt confident that we have trusted the development of our new website to the right people.

We have felt consistently well informed and professionally steered towards the end result we desired. Honeystone, without being formally asked to do so, have proactively assumed the role of prime-mover bringing together and driving other services engaged by us and thereby unilaterally acting to ensure our project was delivered on budget and within an acceptable and agreed time frame.

We both feel very confident that Honeystone will now continue to provide an excellent service as our website hosts and web support and that, as during the development stage, any concerns or worries that we may have in the future will be quickly resolved. Please be assured that we are both very happy to recommend the services of Honeystone to any of your future/potential clients. ”

David Parkinson

Aspire Tuition


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