Carbon Lens

We approached Honeystone a year ago with a part-formed business idea and they have helped us develop it over many months. They’ve continually emphasised the need to shape appearance, name, and copy around what the brand is about.

Their eye for graphic design has been spot on - the images neatly catch the key concept behind what we offer. They’re also strong technically. At the outset they advised us very clearly what the technical options were for building the website. Though it would have been possible to do a one-off site relatively cheaply, they suggested it would be wise to spend a little more and have them construct a toolkit which we could then use ourselves to develop the site.

The result is a rather elegant development environment, which initially they’ve used themselves to turn our entry-level piece of software into a web app. That is rather more than I thought would be do-able, and it makes a great, immediate entry point for potential clients."

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