The Google map and directions below show a suggested route from County Hall, Trowbridge to Honeystone Web Design by road.

Please note that there are regular train services from Trowbridge to Westbury and times are available from National Rail Enquiries.  Honeystone’s offices are approximately 7 minutes by taxi from the station and directions along with taxi numbers can be found here.

Please drag any point on the journey to create an alternative route -  the directions, time and distance will be updated automatically.

Parking and arrival

At the end of your journey Google maps will ask you to “Turn onto Sun Lane” Please look for the Hollies Inn and turn into the car park. Sun Lane continues up a steep hill at the back of the car park and takes you to the car park of Courtleigh House. Please park in either a Honeystone space, IED space or if the car park is unusually busy the Hollies Inn car park can be used as an overflow. On arrival please ring the bell on the front door and someone will come to collect you.