Published February 10th, 2015

Honeystone took the decision to use renewable energy-powered data centres in Iceland in early 2014 and began the transition within a couple of months. We chose Iceland as the location for our infrastructure because a lot of investment was being made in clean energy data centres and some big names like BMW were already moving some of their design simulation computing to Icelandic data centres like UK headquartered Verne Global. Data centres in Iceland are built well away from volcanic activity and have secure low cost clean energy available 24/7.

Reducing carbon emissions

Our renewable energy servers use 100% renewable geothermal and hydropower energy. This has enabled us to decommission two coal and oil burning servers to date – one in the US and one in the UK.  

With some data centres using as much power as 180,000 homes, helping to reduce carbon emission is the arguably the key benefit of using cleaner energy - but that's only part of the story.

The broader environment

Clean cloud hosting services are underpinned by much more than reducing emissions. Equipment recycling, management of waste, management systems are also key environmental drivers.

The colder climates of northern countries such as Iceland also mean that keeping racks of servers cool does not necessitate expensive and dirty cooling systems to prevent them overheating.

Governments and consumers are placing increasing pressure on companies to make their supply chains cleaner and more sustainable – with the digital economy already using 10% of the world’s power this pressure is becoming more intense. By using clean energy hosting services website operators send a clear message to their customers that they take environmental issues seriously. The marketing and PR benefits of this are clear.

Energy security

Geothermal and hydropower energy deliver much secure energy supplies than fossil fuels. Iceland is the second most energy secure county in the world and therefore a logical place to locate mission critical cloud infrastructure such as web hosting or development tools.

When you consider Iceland geographic location between Europe and the USA and the low latency (faster) backbone links to both continents this becomes a no brainer.

Cost effective

The cost effectiveness of sustainable energy sources is underpinned by the stability of energy pricing in this sector – a key risk management tool for companies needing to predict and manage costs over the long term. Geothermal and hydro electric power sources are also less vulnerable to geopolitical factors such as wars or trade sanctions.

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