Making for happy customers and developers with new front end practices

Making for happy customers and developers with new front end practices - main image. Front end technology logos - bower, gulp, less, npm, laravel, composer, coffee cup and development machine showing code.
Published February 29th, 2016

With a steaming mug of freshly ground filter coffee on my desk, its refreshing to sit back, reflect on a particularly productive week, and enjoy this free time to dedicate to finally writing another blog post!

Its been such a long time, your probably wondering what have we been up to?! Well its certainly fair to say that we have been incredibly busy at Honeystone, with all departments working hard to achieve goals and work towards future aspirations. We are more refined and better than we have ever been – its been a great start to the year and I am looking forward to carrying this...

What combining Gitflow and Phabricator means to Honeystone

A git logo, a representation of the gitflow workflow and an illusion of pair programming
Published February 4th, 2015

At Honeystone we all have a very strong work ethic, and jointly, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our processes. Our prevailing goals, in-keeping with the new year spirit, are to increase productivity whilst, importantly, ensuring we continue to produce impeccable websites, if the quality isn't there, there’s really no point – we are only interested in developing top-notch stuff!

Recently we have introduced several new work practices that 'dev team A' have been trialling extensively as part of the development of the new Honeystone website, and the results have...

Introducing the all new Honeystone website

A screnshot of the mobile version of the new website
Published February 3rd, 2015

Well, at long last, the new Honeystone website. It's been our biggest challenge yet, but we've made it, and the finished product, in my humble opinion, is totally awesome!!

As we've discovered, one of the most difficult aspects of building your own website is living up to your own standards. Everything has to be absolutely perfect, and for each member of our team perfect carries a different meaning. It also has to be a reflection of us, a team of very unique individuals. Without careful attention it's very easy to fall into the design by committee trap, fortunately process and a...

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