Honeystone 2019 Internet Presence Study
Published February 21st, 2019

Start the Honeystone Internet Presence Study

Honeystone are undertaking a short web and digital marketing survey.

The results will be used to more closely tailor our services to the needs of different organisations, and provide them with useful data on how they compare to others.

We would really appreciate your input - the survey can be anonymous and takes around 5 minutes.

To participate please go to http://honeyst.one/surv

There are no right or wrong answers and don't know is valid and useful answer.

The results of the survey will be made available to participants shortly after it closes.

Honeystone Internet Presence Study results

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Start the Honeystone Internet Presence Study

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David Foster

I founded Honeystone in 2003 to help people achieve greater success by harnessing the awesome power of the internet. Formulating strategies, helping build brands and seeing clients thrive are my primary motivators. The professional and technical development of Honeystone underpins this and I am extremely proud to work with a team who share my vision of how we can make the internet a better place for all users. Badminton, cycling, entertaining and live music are some of my other passions.