Local Resilience Forum undertaking an exercise
Published October 27th, 2016

On Friday 7th October 2016, Sam and David from Honeystone were proud to observe the Local Resilience Forum undertaking an exercise aimed at agencies being prepared to respond to a major incident or emergency. 

Local Fire, Police, Ambulance and other agencies attended MOD Corsham so that plans could be tested together in a multi-agency environment in response to a major incident at the site. The overall purpose is to help keep the people of Wiltshire and Swindon safe. 

Paramedics in action at Exercise Manhattan

Exercise Manhattan had operational ‘live’ play in the morning involving a helicopter crash which was played in ‘real’ time. The wreckage of a military Lynx helicopter was located at the MOD Corsham site with simulated  casualties and fatalities. The organisation Action Amps helped to add realism to the scenario, and helped paramedics assess how to deal with multiple serious casualties.

Command and control simulation

Local Resilience Forum manager Paul Williams said: "We have got the carcass of a helicopter with amputees in action with realistic injuries and the emergency services had to respond. It is not an every day occurrence and it is different - we know helicopters can crash and one did in Glasgow not so long ago, and helicopters present different challenges because of what they are made of. It is a different challenge to those that present themselves every day to the emergency services."

Bob Young, Major Incident Planning Manager for Wiltshire Police said: “Wiltshire has a significant number of MOD establishments across the county. Exercise Manhattan was a good opportunity for partner agencies to test their response to an incident and work with colleagues from the MOD to ensure that we understand what is required and the capabilities of each organisation.

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